Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ikea Update

Ok, so just a quick post today.  I hope everyone survived their Mondays.  :) Mine was actually pretty successful.  I made the drive to Ikea and found the Stornas buffet along with a mirror, baskets, and some other organizational items.  Ikea is dangerous, yo!  Getting this beast of a buffet home was not the easiest task. Picture one girl (that's me) maneuvering 2 shopping carts (one that's carrying the buffet boxes) through the store and out to the car.  But, I made it with no injuries to report, and a kind Ikea worker decided to do his job and helped me load the boxes into the car.  My savior.   I have lots of priming, painting, etc. to do today so I better hop to it.  I haven't decided on the shade of yellow paint.  I'll let you know what I end up choosing and keep you posted on the whole furniture painting process.  Have a great day!

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