Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's raining trees

Today, we're moving from the interior to the exterior of the house.  It's tree removal day!  You don't know how excited that makes this girl.  I'm not a tree killer, really, but I've been living in fear.  You see, our property borders a state forest so we are surrounded by trees.  I really like the privacy and the nature, but  what I don't like is that some of these trees hang over our house or are within 20 feet of our foundation.  These aren't some puny little bushes.  These are some big a** you know whats. Within the first 4 months of living here we had a hurricane and an October snowstorm.  That equals me sleeping downstairs on a blow-up mattress out of fear that a tree would come crashing through our roof and crush me.  Damn you local news for scaring me!  But that was then.  Jake has since reminded me that I'm a big girl now and I need to put my big girl pants on.  So, I've adjusted to hearing the crack crack crack sound of tree limbs falling down and I sleep upstairs in the big girl bed. BUT I still don't like it.  So, I've been waiting in anticipation for this day and when I woke up to see this in my driveway, it was like Christmas morning.

The crew is hard at work right now and the vrmm vrmm vrmm of the chainsaw is music to my ears.  I'll post an update later today and let you know how everything turns out.

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