Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mellow Yellow

I have to admit, I'm recovering from a wonderfully lazy weekend (and I hope you are too!).  We got a few inches of snow on Saturday (the most snowfall we've had all winter) so Jake and I took Baxter on a hike through the woods.

Besides that, we watched episodes of Homeland and Shameless, cheered the Pats to a victory over Baltimore, and curled up by the fireplace. Awe - some.  However, this means that I was incredibly unfocused and unproductive on my home projects.  The living room windows still aren't completed (wah!) and I didn't tackle any new projects.  Last night, I started thinking about what I want to accomplish this week and I came up with a few things.  1) Finish those darn windows, 2) Start priming the master bedroom, and 3) find a sideboard/buffet for the dining room.  I've been working on number 3 for some time now, but I haven't found anything that I loveee.  Plus, I'm a little indecisive about what color I want.  I mentioned that I was working on a yellow/gray/navy combo for the living/dining rooms, but I hadn't decided where I wanted to incorporate the yellow.  Originally I was thinking with the area rug and I even pinned this rug on Pinterest.

Two problems.  1) It doesn't come in 7x9 (the size I really want) and 2) it's out of stock in 8x11 (the size I would settle for).  Bummed that I was having trouble finding the rug I really wanted, I started thinking about doing a yellow sideboard or buffet.  Problem?  Yes.  No one sells yellow sideboards or buffets.  I checked out some unfinished furniture websites to see what was out there, but I wasn't that impressed.  Also good quality unfinished furniture is e-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e.  Did I really want to mess it up and paint it yellow only to learn that I hated it?  For the heck of it, I started perusing other blogs and by complete CHANCE, I stumbled on this post by A Place for Us.   Some things are just meant to be. :) The woman behind A Place for Us found a sideboard at Ikea, took the plunge and painted it yellow AND guess what?   I love it!

"Heigh-Ho! Heigh-Ho!  It's off to Ikea I go!"  Of course, when I return home and begin assembling this beast, I might will start cursing under my breath that I will never ever under any circumstances purchase another piece of furniture from Ikea again.  It's amazing how quickly one can forget the pain of an Ikea assembly.  Must be something like childbirth.  Or so I'm told. Wish me luck.

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