Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The start of something (great?)

Hi there!  If you're reading this post today, it's probably because you're one of the lucky ones who received my email about this blog.  THANK YOU for stopping by.  As a lot of you know, I quit my job as a financial planner at the end of November.  I had no real plan (and still don't), but I was unhappy at work and I needed to do something about it.  ENTER really generous, really understanding, really crazy husband, Jake, who supported my decision (and whose $ are supporting this struggling gal now).  "Have I told you lately that I love you?  Have I told you there's no one else above you...."  Ok that's enough.

We bought our first house in June 2011 and since the day we moved in I've been itching to redecorate.  The bones of the house are great, but the previous owners had interesting style (picture floor-to-ceiling hand-painted mural of birds).  If you haven't been fortunate enough to take a look at this yet, I promise I will post a picture at some point.  What's been keeping me from decorating you may ask?  After all, we've only been here 6+ months.  Well, for one, my old job took up a lot of my time, and two, I can be kinda lazy.  I don't want to spend alll weekend painting.  That's not to say we didn't make any progress.  Upstairs and downstairs hallways painted- check.  Dining room painted - check.  Living room painted - half check.  BUT, I have all the time in the world now and no more excuses.   Look out house, here I come!

I'm taking some interior decorating classes at my local community college starting in February and I can't wait!  Until then, I will be soaking up all the great knowledge that fellow bloggers have been generous enough to share (see some of them listed on my blogroll).   I'll also be decorating our home with Baxter by my side, or more likely, sitting on his favorite couch.  I hope you'll follow me on this journey!


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  1. stumbled onto your blog via I Heart Organizing & your closet makeover. can i just say you are my hero! i have been terribly unhappy & unfulfilled in my IT job for the past 2 years - some days leaving work in tears. if i could just figure out "what i want to do when i grow up" i too would quit. like your hubby, my wonderful hubs gave me the go to quit my job last year, but i just couldn't do it. i guess i was miserable enough to hang it all on him just yet. so best of luck to you & you new adventure! oh, and one of our "kids" is named Baxter too! he's our rescue boxer after we lost our previous boxer Butters (aka Boo). what a coincidence when i read his bio!


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