Friday, January 27, 2012

Stop shopping, start doing

That should be my mantra these days.  I've acquired quite a collection of new furnishings and accessories, but I have no place to put them until I finish my painting projects.  Here's a sneak peak at some of the things I got.  I can't wait to start decorating with them.

Seagrass stools from Pottery Barn

Bedford 2-Drawer File Cabinet from Pottery Barn

Pierce Bedside Lamp from Pottery Barn

Queen Anne's Lace Printed Panel from West Elm

Songe Mirror from Ikea
J. Hunt Home lamps from HomeGoods

As for my goals this week
  1. Finish painting window panes in living room
  2. Prime master bedroom
  3. Find a sideboard/buffet for the dining room
I only accomplished #3.  Boo.  Better luck next week!  Oh, and I am repainting the buffet a lighter less neon-y shade of yellow,  We just couldn't get used to the brightness of it.  I felt like I took a time machine back to the 70s.  I think Jake described it best when he said "it makes me want to crawl inside one of the cabinets, smoke a joint, and do some mushrooms." Yea, I guess it's kinda like that.  Happy Friday!!!

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  1. I love the J. Hunt lamps from Home Goods/TJ Maxx etc. I wish you could purchase more of them online! Great find.


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