Monday, January 16, 2012

Window Pains

One of the things that we love about this house are the windows.  They are longer than standard windows and really let in a lot of light.  However, what we didn't think about when we bought the house is that we (rather I) would be painting the panes on each and every one of them.  The trim and window panes in our house were painted a country white(ish) color, or beige,  or a shade of green (master bedroom) and I like white trim.  Also, the blue/gray colors that I picked for our hallway and living and dining rooms don't really pop against country white.  So, the trim needs to be white.  Sigh.  When I completed painting the dining room, I did tackle the windows and boy oh boy was it painful.  I got so fed up with the tape, that I decided just to wing it and paint the panes without using tape.  It actually came out okay, but the process was long and slow because I was being so careful.  Did I mention that there are only 2 windows in our dining room?

When I moved to painting the living room, I wanted to avoid painting the window panes at all cost (there are so many of them!)

I finished the walls and the crown molding and the trim around the windows, but the windows themselves just looked BAD.  You can totally notice the window panes are a different color (sorry for the poor picture quality.  Lots of light and no blinds = bad pictures).

So, I finally surrendered to the fact that I WILL BE painting all the window panes in the house. Tear.  Just for the heck of it, I Googled "painting window panes" and came across an instructional video on YouTube.  OMG it was so helpful!  I tried the putty knife and tape method and it actually works!  I wasn't using the putty knife to cut the tape before and man does that little knife shave off taping time.  Maybe with this method, I'll have the living room done this week.  Chuckle.

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