Monday, February 20, 2012

Houzz your daddy?

Why hello Monday.  You showed up pretty quickly.  Hopefully today is a holiday for you and if it's not, sorry. :(  The hubby and I are recovering from a quick trip to NYC to celebrate a friend's birthday.  So much fun!  I love getting together with my college friends.  A trip to NYC is not complete without gorging on all the delicious food they have there and this weekend was no exception.  We went to Almond and Birreria and both were equally awesome.  If you're ever in NYC I recommend trying both.

On the way home Jake was driving and I was bored so I started reading email on my phone and I came across an email that I received from Houzz and I realized that I have to share Houzz with you.  If you like Pinterest (especially the DIY and home decor categories, like me) you will also like Houzz (  It's a website dedicated to home design and it's awesome.  You can create an account and design Ideabooks using tons of photos from designers.  I've noticed that a lot of the photos that turn up here turn up on Pinterest too, and vice versa.  Here's one photo I have on my Pinterest board that I also saw on Houzz:

Isn't that just the cutest idea?

But anyways, I digress.  What caught my eye today was this post here about finding your design style.  I realize that I haven't really defined what my design style is, and I'm still not 100% sure.  There are elements of almost all design styles that I like, but this post helped point me in a direction.  The style I'm most drawn to is "cottage" which is described in this article as being "cheerful, laid back, and welcoming, cottage style feels like a giant hug."  Yea, I can go for that.

These examples of cottage are right up my alley (all images courtesy of Houzz):

If I could mix a little "eclectic" with the cottage, I think that might just be perfect.  How about you?  what's your design style?

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