Thursday, February 16, 2012

Kitchen Redesign Update

It's Thursday, anybody thirsty? :)  If you recently graduated college, you will understand this (and by recent I mean in the past 6 years). Gawd I'm getting old.  Actually I had a little too much red wine last night so I have a little bitty headache this morning.  No biggie though.

Last night's class was great.  We had a guest speaker from Plaistow Cabinet Company and it was super educational.  All the kitchen jargon made my head spin a little, but I tried to take it all in.  A few weeks ago, I created this post about a field trip I took with my mom and stepdad to pick out materials for their kitchen remodel.  I mentioned that engineered quartz was becoming a big contender to granite because of its durability and low porosity (big word), and that's true, but I'm also learning that when it comes to countertops everyone has their own opinion about what works best.  So don't go getting rid of your granite!  Ha, like you would ever do that.  My mother-in-law is redoing her kitchen and they went with granite.  She was told they could put a sealer on it that would last for years, so no annual resealing.  The guest speaker affirmed that granite can now be sealed and guaranteed for 15 years.  I have granite now and have not touched it since we moved in so I'm hoping we have that 15 year seal thing going on, but so far so good.  My mom and stepdad opted to go with the engineered quartz so I'm interested to see how that works for them.  I was cautioned not to put Corian in a kitchen because it is a softer material and would wear more easily, but I have no experience with it.

My classmates and instructor had a chance to look at the kitchen redesign I showed you yesterday. Here are the drawings again:


I wanted to see if I could use software to make the floor plan look a little crisper. I found a website called that has FREE design software and came up with these sketches pretty quickly:

Pretty cool, huh?  The finishes and appliances are not perfect and some of the dimensions on the cabinets and windows are off, but it gives you a pretty good idea of what the space would look like.  I'm in love with the new breakfast bar.  I have to have it!  Sadly, I will have to wait.  Den remodel, painting,  updating the bathrooms, and furnishing the rest of the house all comes first.  We should get a quote for our den remodel project this week.  If you missed that post, check it out here.  I'm bracing myself for that sticker shock.  Refacing the fireplace and redoing the drywall quickly turned into adding built-ins, recessed lighting, mounting the TV on the fireplace, and adding surround sound.  Yikes!  

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