Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Random Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!  Anyone recovering from a case of the Mondays?

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Just a few random things to share with you today and then I'm off this bad boy (AKA my Mac) to do my homework.   YES, I have homework. BUT, it's fun homework.  I get to make a collage :) When I finished my Masters I swore I would never take another class again and lookame now.  I guess I'm a student at heart.

So, random things (in no particular order):

  1. Lead test guy is coming over today to check every inch of our house for lead paint.  Wish us luck!  Not only will it save us a bundle on the reno if we're lead free, we'll also be able to rest assured that we're not poisoning our unborn children.  Scary stuff.
  2. Floor guy is coming over as well.  He's going to take a look at the floors and let us know if the quote he supplied us just by looking at pictures matches up with what he sees in person.
  3. I revamped my website (incase you didn't notice) and I like it a lot better.  What do you think?  I did away with the 2 sidebars and moved to 1 because it was becoming too cluttered.  I also figured out how to put those cool Facebook, Pinterest, and RSS buttons on there.  Did I mention I'm taking a web design class too?  Yup, I am. 
That's all folks.  Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with some pics of our updates in the living room and dining room.

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