Wednesday, February 01, 2012

You can teach an old chair new tricks

Hello there! Happy humpity hump day.  So, yesterday was semi-productive.  The first half of the day was occupied by my annual visit to the GYN (too much info? Ehh, sorry).  I stopped at JoAnn Fabrics on the way home to pick up some supplies for the dining room chair upholstery project I mentioned a couple of weeks ago here.  Just to quickly recap, I saw this Pin on Pinterest about a DIY dining room chair upholstery project that was created by Linda at craftaholicsanonymous and decided that I had to try it.  I love the idea of adding a fun fabric to spice up my standard dining room set AND the project doesn't require any sewing.  JACKPOT. ( I haven't mastered sewing yet).  Last night I tackled one chair and I have to say it's looking purty purty good, but I'll let you be the judge.  It was so incredibly easy!  Well, duh,  I was able to do it.   If you're looking to try this, Linda's instructions were awesome.  The only thing I'm going to do differently on the rest of the chairs is pull the fabric a little tighter.  I was afraid that the fabric would bunch, but I definitely have a little excess fabric hanging out there.  I'm a bit worried that once the chair gets a lot of use, the fabric will stretch a little and become  kinda "baggy" and we don't want that.  Only 5 more chairs to go!  I'll have this baby project done in no time.  So satisfying considering last week's fiasco with the buffet.  I painted two coats of a lighter yellow, but I'm still not really feeling it in my space.  It's a pretty small room, and I'm a pretty neutral gal, so it's a little too much yellow for me.  I'm thinking a nice soft gray would be pretty, but I'm not making any more changes to it until I finish more of the room.

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