Sunday, March 11, 2012

How To Customize Your Blogger Favicon

This is easy peasy, but something I didn't find out how to do until weeks after I started my blog.

This is a favicon:

{Image from here}

It's that tiny little image that appears in the left corner of the address bar and it's used to identify the website. We all know that the one above is for Google.

This is the default favicon for your Blogger blog:

{Image from here}

It's not bad, but it doesn't do much to market your blog.  You can create your own personalized favicon in a couple of easy steps.

1) Find or create the image you want to use for your favicon.  The image should be square in shape and less than 100 KB in size.
2) I quickly created a favicon using Photoshop Elements.  I created a new blank file sized .125 inches wide by .125 inches high.  I added a shape that I liked, changed the color, and saved it as a .PNG file.

3) Once you have the image saved to your computer, login to your Blogger account and go to Design>Layout.
4) At the top left of the Layout page, there is a Favicon link. Click Edit then choose the file you saved.  Click Save and voila, you're finished!

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