Friday, March 23, 2012

I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane

Happy Friday!  Aren't Fridays the best?  When I quit my job, I was afraid that Fridays would forever lose their zest, that every day would feel like a Friday (well, I guess that wouldn't be so bad).  But that didn't happen.  Fridays are still Fridayish.  I work hard on my home and studying all week and then come Friday, I give myself a little bit of a break to ease into the weekend.  Fridays mean that I get to spend the next two days with my husband, Jake, doing whatever spur of the moment thing we decide to do.  Sometimes we just stay home and watch movies or do yard work.  We ALWAYS make a big yummy breakfast.  Sometimes we take a day trip somewhere, or golf, or ski, or hike...  I love those two days with Jake.

But this Friday is the awesomest of all Fridays because tomorrow we leave for Aruba.  Jake and I are fortunate to travel a lot, but I am so excited for this trip.  Life has felt so crazy busy lately with Jake hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro a couple of weeks ago and playing catch-up at work now and having contractors basically living with me for the past three weeks.  It will be so nice to just lay on a beach and sleep and drink pina coladas.

But before I go, I REALLY want to finish painting my bedroom.  Why is it that painting projects seem to take me so long? I mean, I started this last week. I procrastinate. I write this post instead.  But I really want to finish because while we're away, we're having our hardwood floors sanded and stained, and I don't want to dirty them up with paint when I get back.  I settled on a paint color.  It's a little bit brighter than the color I was originally leaning towards, but in the end, cheeriness won out.  Maybe I was dreaming about the blue waters of Aruba.  The paint is Ace Paint's Palm Springs in eggshell finish.

In other news, the den is almost done.  The last coats of paint are being applied now.  We have new fans in our bathrooms.  We have a brand new electrical panel that's being labeled as I write this.  I'd say it was a productive week.  It feels so good to check this stuff off the list so that I can move on to the fun stuff -the decorating!

If I post at all next week, it will be to show you a picture of Jake and me on a beach with drinks in hand.  If that's too much for your heart to take, I understand, and we'll catch up again in April.  Enjoy the last week of March!


  1. I like the color, it's bright but I think once you get all your "stuff" in there and on the walls you will be happy with it. My library is painted a Tiffany blue, and it was WAY too bright before I moved all the books and cr*p in:)

    Have a fruity drink or two for me!

    1. Thanks, I'm really liking it. And you're so right about how different it will look with all of our "stuff" in here.


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