Friday, March 09, 2012

Off Your Hinges

Happy Friday!  I'm happy to say I'm making some progress painting the trim in my master bedroom.  Bax and I did step out for a long walk (yesterday was a beauty), but besides dealing with the contractors here and there, I was all biznass.

I removed the closet door to make it a little easier to paint around it and now I don't want to put it back.

You can't make me.

It makes the room feel so much more open and less compartmentalized.   Like I can breathe.

And you can see the window at ALL times.  Usually the door is left open blocking the precious light we get in that room.

So, I have a solution.  And it's one that DIYers before me have perfected.

I'm hanging a curtain y'all.

Here's a little inspiration for my doorless, curtain-wearing closet:

{Image from Young House Love}

{Image from Ten June}

{Image from Houzz}

You like?

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