Monday, April 02, 2012

Back to Reality

And what's more real than a messy house?

We had such a fun time in Aruba. So much fun that I didn't bother getting on the internet to post that picture of us smiling on the beach. :)  I'd post one now, but that would involve me finding the cord to connect the camera to my Mac. Based on the photos above (taken with my smart phone which is why the quality is stinky), you can probably understand what a challenge that would be.

By the way, my house isn't usually this messy.  I mean, it's messy, but not this messy.  Do I sound defensive?

We've been doing the shuffle. That is, shuffling furniture from one room to another so that our hardwood floors can be refinished. When we were gone, they finished our master bedroom, a guest bedroom, the stairs and our den.  The floors look great and I can't wait to share some pictures, but I need to get some things cleaned up first.

Okay, a lot of things cleaned up first.  Better hop to it.  Here's to hoping your day will be more fun than mine!

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  1. Oh, do I know about the furniture shuffle! We used the nursery as a living room/playroom/picnic-eating-therefore-dining-room when we got our downstairs floors done. Kind of ridiculous, but once it's over the hardwood looks so pretty!
    Welcome back to reality.



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