Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How did I not have a list?

Seriously?  How did I not have a list of all the projects for this house?

I am a list person. I am one of those people who writes previously completed action items on a list just so I can cross them off. My desk is scattered with Post-It notes containing shopping lists, paint colors, blog ideas,  chores - you name it.

But when it comes to a to-do list for the house, I don't have one. My ideas are stored in my head, or on Pinterest, in my blog posts, and sometimes on a Post-It or two. And I'm wondering if maybe that's why I haven't been as productive as I would like. Maybe that's why my master bedroom painting project still isn't 100% complete. Maybe it's because the reward of crossing it off the list isn't there.

I'm listless.

Definition of LISTLESS

: characterized by lack of interest, energy, or spirit <alistless melancholy attitude>
— list·less·ly adverb
— list·less·ness noun

I'm sure the 90 degree weather yesterday wasn't helping with my energy level.  BUT, that's no excuse!  I need a list!

So a list I made.

And here she is in all of her shockingly lengthy and costly glory (and I'm sure I've missed an item or two):

·      Master Bedroom
o   One more coat of paint on walls
o   Clean up trim
o   Finish scraping paint off windows
o   Buy curtains and curtain rods
o   Buy mirror
o   DIY artwork
o   Buy dresser or armoire
o   Buy chair
o   Buy bedside lamps
·      Guest Bedroom 1
o   Patch ceiling and wall
o   Paint walls
o   DIY headboard
o   Add art and accessories
o   Buy curtains and curtain rods
·      Guest Bedroom 2
o   Patch walls
o   Paint walls
o   Hang art
o   Buy curtains and curtain rods
·      Office
o   Paint walls
o   Buy / DIY art
o   Buy chair
o   Buy rug
o   Add accessories
o   Buy curtains and curtain rods
·      Master Bathroom
o   Bleach ceiling to remove mold/mildew
o   Paint ceiling
o   Paint walls
o   Replace faucet, toilet flusher, and towel racks
o   Replace light fixtures
o   Replace mirror
o   Buy bathroom rug
o   Buy towel storage
o   Add art
o   Buy window treatments
·      Guest Bathroom
o   Peel wallpaper
o   Paint Walls
o   Replace shower and sink fixtures, towel racks, and toilet flusher
o   Replace light fixtures
o   Buy bathroom rug
o   Add art
o   Change hardware on vanity
o   Buy window treatments
·      Half bath /laundry room
o   Paint ceiling
o   Paint or wallpaper walls
o   Add wainscoting
o   Replace vanity with pedestal sink
o   Replace toilet
o   Change flooring
o   Buy new mirror
o   Replace light fixtures
o   Buy new washer and dryer
o   Buy window treatments
o   Build storage closet or cabinets
·      Den
o   Buy large ottoman or coffee table
o   Buy end tables
o   Buy curtains/curtain rods
o   Buy art and accessories
o   Buy or make throw pillows
·      Living Room
o   Buy 2 side chairs
o   Buy chaise
o   Buy used piano bench and fix up
o   Buy rug
o   Buy more lighting
o   Buy coffee table
o   Buy side tables
o   Add art and accessories
·      Dining Room
o   Buy rug
o   Add shelving
o   Add art
o   Replace light chandelier
·      Kitchen
o   Hire contractor to change layout
o   Have cabinets painted white
o   Replace white appliances with stainless steel
o   Change light fixtures
o   Buy wine fridge
o   Replace flooring
o   Replace backsplash
o   Paint walls
o   Paint range hood
·      Upstairs hallway
o   Replace light fixture
·      Downstairs hallway
o   Replace light fixture
o   Paint walls and door
o   Replace door knob                                   
·      Entryway
o   Paint front door
o   Replace door knob
o   Hang picture gallery and artwork
o   Replace flooring
o   Paint closet door
·      Sun Room
o   Buy outdoor curtains and curtain rod
o   Paint beams
o   Buy ottoman
·      Closets
o   Paint insides of all closets
·      Outside
o   Have bushes in the front yard ripped out
o   Build stone wall
o   Add addition to deck
o   Plant shrubs/flowers
o   Add firepit
o   Add hot tub
·      Misc.
o   Replace all door hinges
o   Have new windows installed
o   Replace siding with vinyl

Whew. What about you?  How do you keep track of your home projects?  


  1. I just made a list this weekend, 4 pages single spaced! It's a bit overwhelming.


    1. Wowsa, Hard to believe you have such a long list when you have such a beautiful house! Can't wait to see what you do. :)

  2. Oh my goodness, we posted about our list obsessions on the same day. And I do the same thing, include completed items on the list just so I can cross them out. The listing is an organization necessity, the crossing out is the fun part. :)


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