Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Design for Ellen

So presentations were last night and they were all really cool.  Some of the celebrities that students had to design for included Halle Berry, George Clooney, Katie Couric, and Ray Allen just to name a few.  I had Ellen Degeneres as you know.

This blogger asked if I was going to incorporate converse sneakers into my design, which really is so Ellen, but I was a bit limited in my design choices.  I had to pick a historical design style (from our lovely textbook) and explain what the style is, why we think it works for our celebrity, and then also select a color palette.

I incorporated 4 design style in my proposal for Ellen because what I learned of her, she likes eclectic and varied pieces when she designs.  The styles I chose were Frank Llyod Wright's Organic design, Spanish Colonial, Craftsman, and MidCentury.  I won't bore you with the descriptions of each of these styles, but basically the theme  I was going for was natural materials, neutral colors with bright, earth-toned accent colors, inside/outside living spaces, and varied texture.


  1. Jess- thanks for the shout out! I swear you could have thrown the sneakers into Wright's Organic style:) The top two images on your borad (in the corners) actually look a lot like what I remember her ranch house to look like. I'm pretty sure I read about it in an Oprah magazine, how she and Portia have horses and a ranch, and it totally looked like that!


  2. Hahaha, I agree with Jessica, toss some converse in there! But seriously, you did such an awesome job, I think it really does look like what I've seen of her place. I love all of the fun colors.


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