Monday, April 09, 2012

Passover celebration

Hello!  I wanted to share with you some pictures of the Passover celebration we had this past weekend.  Jake is Jewish and I am Catholic so we got to celebrate both Passover and Easter (and my birthday:))  this weekend.  We hosted Passover at our house and had Easter at my dad's house.  Jake's mom, Judy, and step-dad, Fred, flew in from Maryland to celebrate, and Judy led the seder.  My mom, step-dad, brother, sister, and my sister's boyfriend participated in the seder too which was really special since it was their first one.

As you may remember from this post, my dining room isn't completely finished, but I did the best I could to make it look pretty.

Judy and me setting the table (and Baxter eyeing the shank bone on the seder plate).

Jake and Baxter.

Jake and Fred.

The whole family at dinner.

We all had such a fun night.  I made a beef brisket and a flourless chocolate cake and both turned out great (unless everyone was lying to me :)).

If you're interested, here are links to the recipes that I used.  


  1. It looks lovely! I made a brisket last wek too ! I think the post is going up this week so I can remember what I did, I always play around with it and you never know what is going to happen in the end.

    I'm currently snacking on matzah with Nutella, which I just figured out this year, it's pretty addictive.

    I'm so happy both sides of the family could come together for the seder, that is so sweet:)


  2. Hi Jessica, thanks! I look forward to reading about your brisket recipe. I def could have used it this past weekend.:) We're not being very "good" in our house this week - eating lots of other things besides matzah, but I'll have to remember the nutella/matzah combo. That does sound very good. I did a semester in Paris and lived on nutella and baguette (and gained about 10 lbs). :)


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