Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Dining Room Did Me Wrong

Hello!  Today I want to talk dining room.  About my dining room specifically.

It's not making me very happy.

But I guess that I can't really blame it, since I'm the one that made it look like this.

When we first moved in the walls were covered in purple wallpaper.  Jake spent hours peeling it off and sanding the walls to a surface that I could actually paint.

I didn't give a lot of thought to the paint color, but I knew that I wanted something neutral (aka, not purple wallpaper).  I opted to go with Benjamin Moore's Light Pewter, which is a really light gray.  So light, that if it wasn't paired with the white trim, you might almost think it was white.

I don't hate the color (I used it in my living room too), but I don't like it in this room.  It blends in too much with the wainscoting.  And with the country white dining room table, it's just blah.  I've had such a hard time deciding how to finish this room.  When in doubt, stare at the room repeatedly willing it to become something you actually like.

I thought that if I swapped out the light fixture (which we did) that things would come together better.  But no siree, they did not.

Our dining room is suffering from a monochromatic color scheme ( I think we have five shades of blue or gray going on in there) and an identity crisis.  Am I modern, or country, or both?

So here's what I'm going to do about it.

I'm gonna paint the walls again.  And I'm leaning towards a darker shade of gray.  Here's a little inspiration:
{Image via designmanifest.blogspot.com}
{Image via www.decorpad.com}
{Image via fourwallsandaroof.com}
Do you likey?

Once I find the right color for the walls, I'll deal with the other "problems" in that room.  Like, do the navy velvet curtains still work?  I will also have to repaint the sideboard again.  Third time's a charm, right?  Read more about that fiasco here and here.

I'm also toying with painting the table or chairs and/or reupholstering the chairs with a yellow fabric.  Or maybe I'll bring in a yellow rug.  But first things first.  Gotta fix those walls.

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