Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Very well, actually.

Back in this March post, I talked about how I was attempting to grow my first vegetable garden.

I started with some seeds and starter pellets indoors and then went to Aruba for a week.  I think the veggies and I both got a little too much sun.  They didn't make it while I was gone. :(

So I started over.  And they grew. And they moved outside. And now they're almost ready to eat: )

Green Beans
Cherry Tomatoes (these guys need a little longer)

I only ended up with these three vegetables.  Not quite a salad bar, but hey I have 50% of the ingredients for a greek salad (just add onions and olives, and oooh, fetaaaa).  And we can have green beans as our vegetable like.every.single.night. C'mon, I know your tastebuds are jealous.

Jake was sweet enough to build me this awesome raised planter (a little too late for these guys though), so I may start a mid-summer garden for those veggies that are late bloomers.

If you're looking to build your own raised garden bed, we followed these instructions here.  Jake claims it was super easy.  We bought some netting to attach to the white tubes to keep the little critters out (pretty important since the garden's on the edge of the woods).

How are you summer gardens turning out?  Did you get to eat the "veggies of your labor" yet? :)

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  1. We did a raised bed on our deck so it would be free from the million deer we have and so far our veggies are doing pretty well. I tried to only plant things my kids' would eat, so I don't wind up with something every night:)



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