Wednesday, June 06, 2012

I've been "Liebstah'ed"

I'm skipping another week of "Hundred Dollar Hump Day" to share some exciting news.  The very sweet (and fellow Masshole), Jenny, from House Full of Pretty awarded me the Liebster Award!  Or if you're funny like Jenny, you'll call it the "Liebstah"Award when you give it to someone in Massachusetts. :)

Here's what the Liebster is:

  • Liebster means beloved, favorite, or dearest in German.
  • It's an award that's been circulating the blogger community for quite some time.
  • It gets passed along to your favorite bloggers that are not necessarily the "big guys" in the blogosphere (I've heard 200 followers or less).
  • It encourages new friendships and community!

I'm so grateful to Jenny for honoring me with this award.  You should hop on over to her blog at House Full of Pretty.  Not only does she have crazy good web design skills, she's sharing her home transformations (and doing a great job at it I may add)!  

So, in true Liebster fashion, I'm passing this award along to 2 other people.  If you're listed below, well, you should pass it along too and keep this positive train going! 

1.  The first award goes to Lauren at All Things Jolie. Not only is her blog jolie, but this girl has amazing style.  Her blog isn't a traditional DIY/ home decor blog.  As she puts it, it's a 'chronicle of all the happiness I find in life.'  I love oohing and ahhing at all the jolie things she blogs about.

2.  The second award goes to Drew of Drew Danielle.  She is a native of Florida and recently moved to New England and is 'ready to bring her sunny disposition to Connecticut.'  Lord knows New England could use a little sun this week!  Drew is an event planner, dancer, and crafter who shares her crafty ideas  on her blog.

Be sure to check out each of these lovely ladies!


  1. You are amazing! Thank you so much for this! Your trip looked amazing, I am so jealous!


  2. Thank you, Jessica! And welcome back! The pics are gorgeous!!


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