Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"P" is for...

This isn't a kindergarten bathroom joke, but there will be some "P" in my master bathroom.  "P" for Plattner that is!

I'm sure the suspense has been killing you (sarcasm here), but I'm still hard at work on my master bathroom redo.  The walls have been painted and the new hardware and light fixtures are hung.  I've ordered a new window treatment that's due to arrive sometime this month.  So rest assured that despite the lack of home update posts lately, my home has not been (totally) neglected.

While I'm waiting for the window treatments to arrive and contemplating what color to paint this vanity (what the heck color should I paint it?!),

I decided to do some arts & crafts.  I had a wooden letter "P" hanging around the house that I had bought for some other project that I never completed (typical).  I also had some Martha Stewart craft paints and jute left over from these projects.  I've been wanting to try out horizontal stripes on my walls, so I figured I'd start small and try them on this here "P." Cute, easy, and practically free!

And in case you were going to pass out or something if I didn't show you pictures of my bathroom, here are some sneak peaks:

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