Thursday, July 26, 2012

Puppy Time

Good morning!  I'm a little tired today.  The 5:50 wakeup time was earlier than I am accustomed to these days.  I have two beautiful 8 week old babies, Sookie and Pam, staying at our house and boy did they miss their mama last night.

I am fostering them through a great volunteer organization called Great Dog Rescue of New England (GDRNE).  Pam is going to her forever home on Friday and we hope that Sookie will have a home by the end of next week.  If you're looking to adopt a pet, I encourage you to check out Pet  If you're local, here's the link for GDRNE's page on Pet Finder.

I wasn't sure how Baxter would adjust to two puppies in the house, but he's tolerating them.  He goes from so excited he can't control himself to utterly bored with them.  I'm trying to console him so he doesn't feel neglected.  I read that when new dogs are brought into the home, the old dog can feel like he's being replaced!  Never Baxter, you're still my main man. :)

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  1. Adorable pups! Stopping by from the Feed Me Friday! Check out my blog if you want :)


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