Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hey Paint, we're not friends.

So begins another paint failure story.  I took this morning off from blogging to make some headway on the guest bedroom.  Armed with a gallon of Benjamin Moore's White Rain, I got to work.

The color looked so lovely on my design board.

So lovely, in fact, that I balked at the idea of "wasting" time and money on a sample and went balls to the wall with it. Literally.

When I opened the paint can, I thought "Ooh this is pretty.  A little more green than I thought it'd be, but pretty." When I got the first section of wall done I thought "Ooh, this is bright.  Why does it look so much brighter on the walls than in the can? It's as bright as the baby blue I'm painting over, just greener."  Then the sun went behind a cloud and the room darkened and I thought "this is actually a really pretty color."  And then the sun came out again, and I lost my sh*t... cried.   It looks nothing like the soothing, blue/green/gray I was hoping for.  It looks nothing like "white rain."

And if you don't believe me.  Here's evidence.

It looks more like Ace's Palm Beach that I used in my master bedroom.  And I ain't too crazy about Palm Beach either.  I'm thinking of changing that color later this year....but that's another project/story.

Having to repaint an entire room isn't anything new to me.  I've already repainted the dining room and we've been in our home for a year. But I was SO SURE that I would like this color.

What's the moral of the story?

 I can't pick paint colors.

No, but seriously, something must be learned or I will lose my mind.  On my quest, to figure out how and why White Rain had failed me, I decided to do a little research.  I Googled "white rain" and very quickly stumbled upon this post from Manhattan Nest called "Colors are Hard." To paraphrase, the author buys BM's White Rain with the same great anticipation that I did, paints one coat, and has a volatile reaction.

 "I painted one coat on one wall before deciding that it wasn’t something I could live with. It’s not a bad color for an asylum or an androgynous nursery, but it was a bad color for our kitchen."

Well, that would have been helpful to know. Surely I don't want our guests feeling like they're locked up in an insane asylum.

So lesson learned.  Well a few lessons learned.  Pick a color, Google it, look at lots of pictures of rooms in that color, read reviews, go to the Hardware store and pick up a paint chip, bring it home and tape it to the wall.  Look at it in sunlight, shade, and artificial lighting, buy a paint sample, paint a couple of swatches, then take the plunge.  It's a lot of work, but it's really worth not having to repaint an entire room. Painting sucks.


  1. Bummer. I agree that the chip on your design board looks a whole heckuva lot lighter/muted than the final result! Can you go a bunch further up the colour chip and try that out?

    1. It's actually the lightest color on that chip! I think I'm just going to scrap it and buy some new samples.

  2. Ugh. I had the "bright" idea of painting our dining room yellow once (even thought my husband was against it). Well he painted the entire room while I was at work, when I came home that night I was horrified...I had to re-prime and paint the room again! Yuck. The second time around I thought long and hard about the color. Not only is it a pain, but BM paint is not cheap!!

    1. Oh no! He didn't want to repaint the room for you? lol.

  3. I too am terrible at picking paint colors. What I've learned is to purchase a small sample of the paint (most paint stores will offer this option if you ask), paint a large piece of poster board and tape to wall to get an idea. Paint chips are often too small and it's hard to tell in different lighting how they look.
    You're home is gorgeous and I'm enjoying reading your blog as I too am plugging away at sprucing up our home a little at a time. Good luck with the painting!

    1. Hi Jess! Painting a sample on a poster board is a great idea! I'll have to try that next time. Our home is a work in progress, but I'm finally starting to feel like it's coming along! Good luck with all of your projects!


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