Friday, September 07, 2012

7 Ways to Decorate Over Your Bed

Unless you have a 6 foot tall headboard, chances are there's a gaping space between the top of your headboard/mattress and the ceiling.  It can be a challenge to find the "right" piece to fill that space.  For my bedroom, I wanted to add something sentimental or handmade.  I've yet to decide exactly what that'll be, so for now, I have a sunburst mirror serving as placeholder.

If you're in need of little inspiration to decorate your "over the bed" space, here are 7 neat ideas.

1. Word Banner.  This would be a cinch to personalize.  You can get creative with sayings, fonts, colors, and textures.

{Source: via Jessica @ HomewithBaxter on Pinterest}

2. Shelving. You can select shelving to match your decor than accessorize with some of your favorite art or mementos.  I like the idea of displaying framed photos this way.

{Source: via Jessica@HomewithBaxter on Pinterest}

3. Fabric. If you don't have a headboard,  attaching a piece of fabric to curtain rods is a great way to fill the space for cheap. Plus you can swap out the fabric when you want a new look.

{Source: via Jessica@HomewithBaxter on Pinterest}

4.  Wreaths. This is a neat idea if you're going for more of a rustic look.  You can pick up simple wreaths at most craft stores and decorate them with flowers, ribbon, etc.

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5. Monogram. You could do this above your children's beds (picture two twins in the same room), but I think it's an especially sweet idea for a newlywed couple's bedroom.

{Source: via Jessica@HomewithBaxter on Pinterest}

6. Plates. We've all seen beautiful plate walls in dining rooms, but in the bedroom?  Yes!  The  plates do give a neat visual effect and all that white is lovely.  But If you're not comfortable sleeping with plates above your head, you could create a similar idea using plastic plates or even cork cut into circles.

{Source: via Jessica@HomewithBaxter on Pinterest}

7. Row of Pictures. Common and classic, but still beautiful.  Displaying 3 of your favorite pieces of art or photographs is a timeless way to decorate above the bed.

{Source: via Jessica@HomewithBaxter on Pinterest}


  1. We don't have a ton of room above our bed, but I have wanted to hang something for a while. Thanks for the ideas!

  2. Freaking great ideas thank you for sharing! Nice to meet ya girly!!! You have a great blog here keep it up!!


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