Thursday, September 20, 2012

It's All In The Details

We all have those little things around our house that bother us: chipped paint, old hardware, dingy trim, for example.  You can probably rest assured that no one notices these things when they visit your home (unless they're overstaying their welcome :)), and they definitely don't show up in pretty staged photos on our blogs.  But they are there. Lurking. And sometimes they're all I can look at! I changed out brass door knobs before I painted a wall because they drove me that crazy.

We have a number of these little imperfections in our home, and I'm slowly working on fixing them.  One thing that's been bothering me are the floor vents for our central air.  We live in New England where it's practically unheard of to have central air unless your home was built this decade (ours was built in '78), so we pretty much pinch ourselves on those 90 degree days when we are nice and cool in our house.  It works great, and it's awesome, but our house wasn't built with a central air system in mind, so all of our duct work is exposed in our basement and attic.  On the first floor, they cut holes in the floor for vents and on the 2nd floor they cut holes in the ceilings. The vents in the floor have been always been an eyesore for me.

I never really thought there was much that I could do about them until I was at Lowe's one day and saw these vent covers by allen + roth.  They come in a number of styles and sizes.

I mean, they're not life changing or anything, but I think they're a serious improvement.  Of course, if you came over for a glass of wine, you probably wouldn't notice my new vent covers. :)

How about you? Does your house have any little imperfections that drive you crazy?


  1. Those are cute :-)
    The carpet joint to the tile at the front door frays... drives me insane! There's only so much I can cut off before I have a gaping hole in my carpet, too.

  2. Oh man, YES! BUT, I'm pacing myself since we just bought this place (our first home of our very own) this summer. I've got all the time in the world to work on the little stuff, right?

    1. Yes, you have plenty of time to work on the little stuff. But I'm afraid there will always be the "little stuff." One of the joys of home ownership! Congrats on your new home!

  3. Oooh those are super cute! So how about a way to reduce dog hair on the floor? My #1 house gripe!!!

  4. Don't you love when you find a solution for something bugging you - love this vent!!


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