Thursday, September 06, 2012

Kitchen Remodel (2013) and Other Plans

Last week I mentioned we were having our contractor over to discuss remodeling our kitchen and half bath (and I shared some pictures of my dream kitchen).  Here's a visual recap of the work we want to do:

Well the talk went great and I'm pretty confident we'll be able to transform our current kitchen into the white kitchen of my dreams without a lot of demo, but there's a catch.  They're booked until January 2013.  {Insert sad face}.

Yes, we could go through the effort of vetting another contractor, but we were really happy with the work they did on our den remodel so we're deciding to wait for them.

In the meantime, we're going to purchase our new stainless steel appliances, narrow down some flooring and backsplash options, and decide on paint colors.  If for some reason I finish work on the rest of our house (ha!) before January, maybe I will attempt to tackle some of the work myself.  I know that a ton of talented ladies have painted their own kitchen cabinets, and I'm sure I'm completely capable, but that's one thing I'm definitely willing to fork over some cash for to have professionally done.  Our cabinets are in great shape and I don't want to risk messing them up or having to repaint again in a few years.  Installing a new backsplash also seems easy enough, except that I would have to remove our current one first and that part of the project intimidates me a little.  But we'll see.

Since we won't start the kitchen and bath until early next year, we decided to focus on some landscaping instead.  We're slated to start that project in early October.  Plans include an overhaul of the landscaping in our front yard, a new walkway to our front door,  and a stone patio (complete with hot tub and fire pit) in the backyard.  Yee ha!


  1. Your kitchen is going to look amazing! Jan will be here in no time!

  2. WOW!! I'm tired just from reading all of your plans. lol so many great ideas, it'll be fun to see it all happen! :)

  3. Super exciting! Can't wait to see the progress!!!


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