Monday, October 29, 2012

Home Office Decorating Progress

Hello!  I hope everyone on the East Coast is hunkered down and staying safe today.  We're bracing for the impact of Hurricane Sandy here north of Boston, but so far just some wind and rain.  We're fully expecting to lose power at some point, so I wanted to get a blog post out before that happens.

Last week I made a lot of progress on my home office. I'm going to show you some really ugly before photos, so brace yourself.  Lately I've been using the office as a storage room and place to store all the "stuff" I've accumulated for various projects.

Yea, it's bad.

I spent a few hours clearing everything out of there.  Lots of little trips to a spare bedroom next-door.  I knew I wanted to repaint the room a lighter/brighter color.  The previous homeowners painted the walls this beige color, and it's probably the most neutral color they used in the whole house, but, I wanted a change.

My first thought was to go with a cream or light beige and I tested a few samples, but none of them blew my socks off.  I've heard amazing things about BM's Revere Pewter so I bought a sample of that to try.  It's the color swatch on the left in the photo below.  In this room, it just read too blue and too dark and not greige enough.

Rather than make another trip to the hardware store, I decided to take a trip two stories down to my basement (AKA paint storage room).  I had almost a full gallon of BM's Light Pewter that I used in my living room.  On a whim, I painted a couple of swatches of it in the office and I love it!  It looks better in the office than it does in the living room!  It's usually a lot brighter in here, but blame Sandy's dark skies for this photo.

Notice that new addition on the right?  That's an Ikea Expedit in high-gloss white.  Luv.  It's so shiny and pretty that I bought two.

That spot in the middle is reserved for my new Spotlight White Desk from Crate & Barrel.  I won the design lottery when I measured and realized everything fits on that wall with only a couple of inches to spare.

{Image from here}

I can't wait to start adding pops of color to brighten up all this shiny white.  Here's a reminder of my inspiration for this room.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fewer Posts and a Guest Bedroom Update

Today I have some updated pictures of our guest bedroom to share with you! But first, I wanted to let you know that I'll probably be posting a little less these days.  I've decided to move ahead with starting an interior decorating business so I'm working on all the little details of that and wrapping up my coursework. I'm so excited to have the opportunity to try and do what I love! But between that, the upcoming holidays, travel we have planned, and constant home renovations, I'm feeling a little pressed for time.  I hope you understand and will continue to read!  If you want to be notified when there's a new post, you can Subscribe to Home with Baxter by Email and you'll receive a message in your inbox.  Easy peasy.  Also, since I'll be posting less, I've decided to retire "Hundred Dollar Hump Day" for a bit.  I rest assured that you'll find ways to spend money online all by yourself.

Now back to the guest bedroom.  It was way back in September that I shared this post with you about selecting a paint color for the guest bedroom.  I decided to go with Restoration Hardware's Silver Sage color-matched to Benjamin Moore paint.   I completed the painting (except for the trim) a while ago, and since then I've been picking out new furniture and accessories for the room.  We've come a long way baby.

I bought this gorgeous headboard from Home Decorators.  I was a little hesitant about the quality, but I am so happy with it!  The fabric looks great and I love the nailhead trim.  The mirror above the bed is a purchase I made yesterday from Target.  It's the Starburst mirror from their Threshold line and cost a whopping $39.99.  The lamps and lampshades are also from Target and the bedding is DKNY from HomeGoods. The decorative pillow covers are from Studio Pillow on Etsy.  The owner was fantastic to work with.  Before shipping the pillow covers to me, she noticed a flaw in the fabric so she had new fabric shipped to her, remade the pillow case, and sent me a bonus chevron pattern pillow cover to make up for the wait.  Talk about great service!

I've been able to work off my inspiration board, making tweaks here and there, and finding similar items for a lot less!  Sometimes it really pays to take your time and shop around.

I'm still on the lookout for curtains (sorry for the glare in the photos!), shades, and a rug (or two smaller rugs) and I need to finish accessorizing.

I hope our guests enjoy their new and improved bedroom!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hundred Dollar Hump Day (20)

1. Crate & Barrel - Esmeralda Pillow $59.95
2. Crate & Barrel - Pewter Fireplace Candelabra $69.95
3. World Market - Alexandra Blue Cushion Floor Mat $26.99
4. World Market - Natural Burlap Metallic Print Lamp Shade $24.99
5. One Kings Lane - S/3 Assorted Bail/Trigger Jars $15.00
6. Joss & Main - Madison Table Lamp $68.95

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links which means that I may earn a commission if you click on the link and buy a product.  You will not pay any more for buying a product by following this link than you would by going directly to XYZ's website.  I hand select items to showcase and opinions are my own. Thank you for your support!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

2 Rooms, 200 Bucks, 1 Day

Yesterday I went to my Dad's house in Maine to decorate his master bedroom and guest bathroom.  I've been meaning to do some work at his house for a while now because he lives alone and could use a little "feminine touch."  He recently repainted his whole upstairs a basic beige so everything is really neutral.  One of my homework assignments for class was to accessorize 2 rooms using the same style to show that we correctly understand things like visual flow.  I thought that my Dad's house would be a great place to do this.

There's a kicker though.  I had one day to travel, shop, and decorate and only $200 to work with.  $200 for two rooms is not a lot people!  Especially since he didn't have much else around his house that I could work with and I didn't have time to DIY anything.  I did all of my shopping at HomeGoods, Target, and Goodwill and had to skimp on things like new artwork. Despite the limitations, I'm happy with what I was able to accomplish and my Dad's really happy too!  He wants me to come back when he has a bigger budget so I can finish things off.

Here are a few before and after photos (please excuse the nighttime after photos!  I didn't finish until 7:30 PM).

Friday, October 12, 2012

You Got My Number

I'm going to preface this post by saying that I am probably the only one who finds this remotely exciting.  If you have nothing better to do, read on.

So what do you do when you get up and go outside to take the trash out ('cause your husband isn't home. Why else would you take the trash out?) and realize Monday was a holiday so the trash man isn't coming today?  If you're sane you go back to bed, but if you're me, you stay outside and hang some numbers on your house, 'cause who doesn't get out of bed to do that?

From the main street, you can't see our front door.  You have to drive up our private drive to get a good glimpse.  What you can see from the main road is our garage.  After many times of spying watching people drive to the front of our house, check the number, then back up into our driveway, I decided to make it a little easier on everyone.   I added a house number on the garage.

I bought individual numbers at Lowe's for a couple of bucks a piece.  Putting them up by myself was pretty easy.  I used painter's tape to stick them on and then moved them around until they were in the position I wanted.  I measured once to make sure they were pretty well centered, then used a power drill to hang them up. Voila!

My hubby returns from a business trip tonight.  I wonder if he'll notice?  Or if he does notice, if he'll just ask me if I put his drill away properly?  Funny thing is, I use that drill more than he does.  Don't worry honey, I would never tell anyone that.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Entry Update

I've been eyeing this accent cabinet from Target for a while now.  Every time I'm at Target, I look at it admiringly but leave it behind.  I love the red color but it doesn't match with my decor so that's made it a little easier to pass it up.  However, yesterday I went to Target (yes, it's a weekly ritual) and they had it in black.  Now that I could justify!  So I put my muscle suit on and loaded this baby into my car (after paying first, of course).

{Image via here}

I'm not in love with the bench that I originally bought for our entry.  It kind of just blends into the wainscoting and it's so small that no one really ever sits there to put on their shoes which was the point of having a bench there in the first place.

I decided to switch out the bench for the new accent table.

Me likey. I only wish that it was a little bit taller, but at least it's the perfect width!  For now, I added a couple of lamps that I had in storage but I don't know if they'll stay.  I also haven't moved the mirror yet, but I think that it may need to be moved down a little closer to the table.  I really like how the cabinet still offers storage.  I put a basket inside with our hats and mittens (can you believe it's almost hat and mitten weather!?).  I also like how the black ties in with the black frames I hung on our gallery wall.

Now if we could say bye to those off-white tile floors!  We are having slate floors installed in January and I cannot wait!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hundred Dollar Hump Day (19)

West Elm is having a 70% off sale on select items!  Here are a few of my favorites:

2. Parsons Play Table $89.99
3. Glass Shadow Boxes $34 - $49.99

Pillows, pillows, pillows!  I love the A.L.M Collection at One Kings Lane.

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links which means that I may earn a commission if you click on the link and buy a product.  You will not pay any more for buying a product by following this link than you would by going directly to XYZ's website.  I hand select items to showcase and opinions are my own. Thank you for your support!

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

6 Decorating Tips

Today I thought I'd pass along a few decorating tips I've learned along the way.  These are easy rules to follow, but, of course rules can always be broken!

1.  Fill 2/3 of the (visual) space above a sofa.

2. Hang art roughly 5 to 7" above a table or sofa.

Contemporary Entry design by Raleigh Photographer Adrianna Beech

3. When accessorizing, use different heights and levels to keep things interesting.

Accessories And Decor design by New Orleans Interior Designer Nelson Wilson Interiors

4. Hang pictures at eye level.  Most people hang them too high.

{Image via here}

5. Symmetrical arrangements read more formal and asymmetrical arrangements are more casual.

Contemporary Entry design by Boston Interior Designer Rachel Reider Interiors

6. A rug under a dining room table should be large enough to allow for chairs to remain on the rug when they're pulled out.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Updates to the Dining Room

Our dining room has been a very slow work in progress.  When we first moved in, there was purple wallpaper on the walls which Jake promptly removed.  I wish I had a true before picture, but this was pre-blogging.  Here's a picture of the room once the wallpaper was down and the walls were primed.

Here's the dining room today (still in progress).

Our newest additions are a dining room table, chairs, and mirror.  I bought the Chianni Trestle Table from Ballard Designs.  I searched high and low for a trestle table that I loved, and this one came in at the right price and had great reviews.  I wasn't leaning towards a black table at first, but I really love it.  The finish is rubbed black so the edges are slightly worn and you can see wood grain beneath.  

I bought the chairs from Crate & Barrel. They are the Vinter black side chairs and have the same rubbed black finish as the table so everything matches really well.  I bought 6 chairs and the table seats 6 to 8, so I'm still on the lookout for 2 end chairs.  I want something fabric and light to break up all the black.

I didn't dust or vacuum before snapping these pics.  Just keeping it real. :)

The last addition is the huge sunburst mirror.  It's the Hera Silver Wall Mirror from Overstock. I wanted a very large mirror to help fill in that big blank wall, and this mirror was one of the more affordable ones that I could find.  The finish is more of an antiqued silver instead of a polished silver (as advertised), so in some lighting it has a goldish hue.  I actually like how it plays off of the yellow rug.  It's not the best quality in the world, but it looks very nice on the wall and I'd recommend it if you're looking for something relatively inexpensive.

With these changes, we're *almost* ready to host Thanksgiving dinner.  Now I need to learn how to tablescape!

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Hundred Dollar Hump Day (18)

You know the drill.  Happy Shopping!

1. These Glass Bottles with Wood Stoppers are a really modern take on the old oil and vinegar jars.  Pretty cool, huh?  $19 each, West Elm.

{Image via here}

2. Also from West Elm, this Branch Wreath Holder is an awesome upgrade to the standard over-the-door wreath holder.  I really like the metallic finish.  $19.
{Image via here}

3. You know when something just catches your eye?  This Stripe Lamp Shade from Target caught my eye and at $15.99, I think it's spend worthy. PS:  Target is having an online sale on a ton of home decor items right now.

{Image via here}

4.  I must be on some sort of metallic tree kick today, because I think this 3 Piece Rocton Vase Set from Joss & Main is awesome.  Can't you just picture some holly berries or pine branches in them for Christmas time? $54.59.

{Image via here}

5. I'm searching for a desk lamp for my office makeover and this Hollace Table Lamp from Joss & Main could do the trick.  I really like the sleek chrome and the crystal ball touches make the lamp a little more feminine.  $99.95.

{Image via here}

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links which means that I may earn a commission if you click on the link and buy a product.  You will not pay any more for buying a product by following this link than you would by going directly to XYZ's website.  I hand select items to showcase and opinions are my own. Thank you for your support!

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