Tuesday, October 09, 2012

6 Decorating Tips

Today I thought I'd pass along a few decorating tips I've learned along the way.  These are easy rules to follow, but, of course rules can always be broken!

1.  Fill 2/3 of the (visual) space above a sofa.

2. Hang art roughly 5 to 7" above a table or sofa.

Contemporary Entry design by Raleigh Photographer Adrianna Beech

3. When accessorizing, use different heights and levels to keep things interesting.

Accessories And Decor design by New Orleans Interior Designer Nelson Wilson Interiors

4. Hang pictures at eye level.  Most people hang them too high.

{Image via here}

5. Symmetrical arrangements read more formal and asymmetrical arrangements are more casual.

Contemporary Entry design by Boston Interior Designer Rachel Reider Interiors

6. A rug under a dining room table should be large enough to allow for chairs to remain on the rug when they're pulled out.

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