Thursday, October 11, 2012

Entry Update

I've been eyeing this accent cabinet from Target for a while now.  Every time I'm at Target, I look at it admiringly but leave it behind.  I love the red color but it doesn't match with my decor so that's made it a little easier to pass it up.  However, yesterday I went to Target (yes, it's a weekly ritual) and they had it in black.  Now that I could justify!  So I put my muscle suit on and loaded this baby into my car (after paying first, of course).

{Image via here}

I'm not in love with the bench that I originally bought for our entry.  It kind of just blends into the wainscoting and it's so small that no one really ever sits there to put on their shoes which was the point of having a bench there in the first place.

I decided to switch out the bench for the new accent table.

Me likey. I only wish that it was a little bit taller, but at least it's the perfect width!  For now, I added a couple of lamps that I had in storage but I don't know if they'll stay.  I also haven't moved the mirror yet, but I think that it may need to be moved down a little closer to the table.  I really like how the cabinet still offers storage.  I put a basket inside with our hats and mittens (can you believe it's almost hat and mitten weather!?).  I also like how the black ties in with the black frames I hung on our gallery wall.

Now if we could say bye to those off-white tile floors!  We are having slate floors installed in January and I cannot wait!


  1. Me likey, too! And slate floors?!?! LOVE it!

  2. It IS the perfect width!! And I'm in love with that round mirror! I have a tattered old mirror like that that I need to figure out how to update.

  3. I too love that cabinet! I have looked at it a million times. I want them to make it in white or gray for my dining room. lol. It looks great in your foyer!


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