Monday, October 01, 2012

Half Marathon Complete!

We did it!  Eight of us wearing matching blue dry-fit shirts with words of encouragement "keep running" on our backs finished the Maine Half Marathon yesterday.  It was a cold, rainy Maine morning, but that didn't stop us.

I finished about 17 minutes before my goal time and ran at a 10:15 pace.  On my long practice runs, I was closer to a 11:30 pace so this was a big improvement.  There's something about the adrenaline going and the crowd cheering on race day that makes you want to work even harder. I swore that this would be the first and only half marathon that I would run but today the soreness is wearing off and I don't know, I just might do it again.

{Me and Jen Pre-Race}

Anyone else running a race this Fall?  How's your training going?  When's your race?


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