Monday, October 29, 2012

Home Office Decorating Progress

Hello!  I hope everyone on the East Coast is hunkered down and staying safe today.  We're bracing for the impact of Hurricane Sandy here north of Boston, but so far just some wind and rain.  We're fully expecting to lose power at some point, so I wanted to get a blog post out before that happens.

Last week I made a lot of progress on my home office. I'm going to show you some really ugly before photos, so brace yourself.  Lately I've been using the office as a storage room and place to store all the "stuff" I've accumulated for various projects.

Yea, it's bad.

I spent a few hours clearing everything out of there.  Lots of little trips to a spare bedroom next-door.  I knew I wanted to repaint the room a lighter/brighter color.  The previous homeowners painted the walls this beige color, and it's probably the most neutral color they used in the whole house, but, I wanted a change.

My first thought was to go with a cream or light beige and I tested a few samples, but none of them blew my socks off.  I've heard amazing things about BM's Revere Pewter so I bought a sample of that to try.  It's the color swatch on the left in the photo below.  In this room, it just read too blue and too dark and not greige enough.

Rather than make another trip to the hardware store, I decided to take a trip two stories down to my basement (AKA paint storage room).  I had almost a full gallon of BM's Light Pewter that I used in my living room.  On a whim, I painted a couple of swatches of it in the office and I love it!  It looks better in the office than it does in the living room!  It's usually a lot brighter in here, but blame Sandy's dark skies for this photo.

Notice that new addition on the right?  That's an Ikea Expedit in high-gloss white.  Luv.  It's so shiny and pretty that I bought two.

That spot in the middle is reserved for my new Spotlight White Desk from Crate & Barrel.  I won the design lottery when I measured and realized everything fits on that wall with only a couple of inches to spare.

{Image from here}

I can't wait to start adding pops of color to brighten up all this shiny white.  Here's a reminder of my inspiration for this room.


  1. I like your design! Your house has such "good bones" meaning all of your rooms have good layouts and great windows :)

  2. Great job Jess. Can totally see the vision.. and the new color is really nice :) Been following you for alittle bit, but just read your about page, and realized your not that far from me here in southern NH! Sometimes I feel like the only bloggers out there live in the south, or out west :) Great afters, can't wait to see it when you are all done! ~Bre

  3. It's coming along nicely! It is going to look beautiful when you are done!

    1. Thank you! I can't wait to finish it so I can get in there and start working!


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