Sunday, November 11, 2012

Third Time's A Charm

If you've been following this blog since its beginning you know that I purchased a sideboard for our dining room from Ikea and painted it.....bright....yellow. #DIYFAIL.

Not one to easily accept failure, I painted it again, and it looked a whole lot better.

But then I repainted my dining room and got some new furniture, and the sideboard no longer matched.

So I moved it into our unfinished living room, and let it sit there for a while.  I knew I'd find another place for it at some point.   I've been working on our home office makeover and knew that I would need an organized place to store all my craft materials, fabrics, etc. since the small closet I have is already overflowing.  Ding ding ding, we have a winner!

Jake and I muscled up and moved the sideboard up to the office (thank the lord I didn't have to take it apart and reassemble it again!) and I gave it a coat (or 3) of fresh paint.  I chose a great deep blue called  Adriatic Sea by Ace paint.

The printer fits *almost* perfectly in the middle and we cut out a hole in the back for the cords.  I swapped out the brushed nickel knobs for some shiny white knobs I already had. On each of the drawers,  I used Martha Stewart Avery labels for easy organization.  I have drawers for fabric, paints, paint chips, writing utensils, and samples (tile, finishes, etc.).

Above the sideboard, I mounted two Ikea Ribba Picture Ledges.  It's a great spot for me to display design boards and other projects I'm working on.  I bought a few clear plastic display frames (still need to buy a few more) so I can easily swap the design boards out.

Notice that little guy sitting pretty?  It's my new Silhouette Cameo!  I can't wait to get started on some fun projects! Have a great rest of the weekend!


  1. This is a super great idea. I think it turned out great.

  2. It looks great! Nothing beats having all that office stuff organized, our office is the bane of my existence...

  3. It's amazing what colour can do! PS - I totally have the same brother printer (or at least one that's virtually the same!)

  4. Love it! The dark blue is perfect, and I'm a total sucker for anything Ikea:)


  5. I love that color! Third time was the charm =)

  6. Love it. What did you need to do to prepare the cabinet for painting?

  7. Because I was paining it a darker color, I didn't re-prime. I just sanded it down a bit before painting.


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