Thursday, April 04, 2013

An Amazing Ikea Hack (Built-In Bookcases)

Don't you love finding new blogs?  And don't you love it even more when those new blogs offer up incredible inspiration?  That's how I felt when I stumbled upon this old post here by Mel & Liza.

A while ago, I pinned these images of beautiful floor-to-ceiling built-ins.

{Source: South Shore Decorating Blog via Jessica on Pinterest}

{Source: Twine via Jessica on Pinterest}

I pinned them with the idea that I wanted to do something similar with a wall in our still-not-even-close-to-completed living room. Here's an old picture of that wall pre refinished hardwoods, new tile floors, and furniture switcharoos...but you get the gist.

My idea was to fill that entire wall with built-in bookcases that we could use to store baskets, pictures, and....books.  The opening would make it a little more challenging to construct something. There's also a baseboard heater to the right and a light switch on the wall that we'd have to work around.  I kind of put the project on the back burner as I turned my attention to the million other projects I have going on around here and will never complete one day hope to complete.

And I didn't give it much thought again until yesterday when I saw Mel & Liza's blog post. Here's a picture of a seating area in Liza's house pre-Ikea hack.


And here's the space after her blow your mind Billy Bookcase Ikea hack:



Say what???  This girl has mad skills.  She had to work around a TV, light switches, AND french doors and she did it.  I feel like I wimp and I want to hire her because I'm still too wimpy to try this at home. 

But seriously, that's some Pinspiration for ya.  If only we could hire people to make our Pins a reality? business idea?  You heard it here first.  


  1. That looks awesome! I love how built in bookcases look.

  2. That looks awesome! I've been wanting to do some built-ins in our living room too!

  3. Apparently we share the same brain…I have this exact project in the queue for my living room (same wall! or maybe wrap around to include the wall adjacent to the dining room too.) I like the tutorials at Centsational Girl and Just A Girl…contemplating using Ikea Billy bookcases and then customizing them with crown molding and trim. Also I think Jenny at Little Green Notebook used Billys in her living room too and they look fantastic. Here's my Pinterest board - more ideas for you!


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