Tuesday, April 16, 2013


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My heart is heavy for the city of Boston and for everyone hurt and killed yesterday.  Boston is my adopted city. I came to Massachusetts for college and never left. I've joined the crowd of spectators along Boylston street and cheered on the runners with friends.  I remember it being such a fun and positive day.  Last minute travel plans for Jake meant that we weren't at the marathon yesterday. I'm feeling very blessed today and my heart breaks for those who were not as lucky. If you can get past the media sensationalism (don't get me started FOX News), you will hear stories of human kindness, of people helping people.  There are those who risked their lives to help others who were injured, those who provided food and clothing to stranded runners, and those who opened up their doors to give someone a place to stay.  And of course there are the fantastic medical professionals who saved so many lives.  It is these stories that help me know Boston will be okay. <3 Beantown.


  1. Jessica,
    Thanks for this post. Am a Bostonian in FL for the winter (smaht, right?). I have to ask one question - mentioning FOX - all local stations here had continues network coverage. FOX had on Judge Judy as regularly scheduled. Did the local affiliate in Boston also follow their regular schedule?

    1. Wicked smaht! I'm not sure what the local Fox affiliate had on, but the coverage on the Fox cable network was over the top. I hate when the media tries to make entertainment out of people's suffering!


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