Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Decorating Around A Fireplace

I'm participating in another design challenge on Olioboard called the "Fresh Mantels Design Challenge." Here's what I came up with:

For this challenge, I decided to go with more muted and calming colors.  I wanted the room to feel a bit more formal, but still cozy enough that you'd want to curl up by the fireplace with a good book and a cup of coffee.  One of my favorite features is the geometric wallpaper above the mantel.  If you like the design, I'd love to have your vote on Olioboard!

Since this challenge is all about decorating on and around the fireplace mantel,  I thought I'd share with you some tips for decorating around your own fireplace.

Tips For Decorating Around A Fireplace

1. Create a focal point above the mantel.  In my design I used a large round mirror, but you could also use art, a sculpture, a clock, or even a flat screen television.  If space allows, decorate around the focal point using candles, vases, flowers, or plants.

{Image via BHG}

2. You could also create a focal point by painting or wallpapering the wall space above the mantel a different color...

{Image via Jessica on Pinterest. Original source unknown}
Or you could add decorative molding.

{Image: tiekbuilthomes via Jessica on Pinterest}

3. Balance the area on either side of the fireplace.  If you have windows on either side, perfect!  If not, bookshelves or built-ins look great.

{Image: Houzz via Jessica on Pinterest}

{Image: Houzz via Jessica on Pinterest}

4. Add comfortable seating around the fireplace.

{Image via Jessica on Pinterest. Original source unknown}

5.  Don't forget to decorate the hearth.  Large vases, a stool, firewood, or lanterns are all simple ideas.

{Image via HGTV}


  1. All great ideas! I found you via Mood Board Link Party at Design Your Dwelling. I, too, have dreams of building bookcases to flank my fireplace. One day....

  2. Pretty. I love the colors you used. I can't wait till our fireplace is actually done so I can decorate it. We still need tile and decorative molding. Maybe by next year, lol ;)

  3. I have a fireplace that is getting ready for a new makeover! Love the planked wall,

  4. Love this post. Found your blog on Decor and the Dog. We've been debating what to do around our fireplace for a while now. We're big fans of the molding on the ceiling and built-ins... tbd I guess. Nice meeting you.


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