Friday, June 28, 2013

House Tour - Week 7 - The Evolution of a Dining Room

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Today I'm talking about the evolution of our dining room and it's basically the longest post ever.  Buckle up.

If you've been following this blog for a while, you know that our dining room has gone through many changes.  It started with stripping purple wallpaper, sanding, and priming and painting the walls Benjamin Moore Light Pewter.

Real Estate Listing Photo - It's hard to tell but the walls are covered in light purple wallpaper.

After removing wallpaper, painting, and moving our furniture in.
In January 2012, we hung royal blue velvet curtains from West Elm.

Later that month, I bought a buffet from Ikea and painted it BRIGHT YELLOW.  Major fail.

In February 2012, I upholstered our dining chairs

and repainted the buffet.

In April 2012, we had our hardwood floors refinished and installed a new light fixture.

Making progress, right?  Wrong.  Just a month later I decided that I hated everything and wanted to start over. So what's a girl to do? Paint!  I opted for a dark moody gray called Benjamin Moore Stone and I really really loved it.  Out with the blue velvet curtains and in with new white linen ones and the buffet got the boot.

The following month, I bought a new rug and added a new cabinet.

Fast forward to October 2012, and I got around to buying a new dining table and chairs and adding a large sunburst mirror.

Now here comes the part where I'm supposed to show you a beautifully decorated and finished dining room....

...but I can't.  

I'm not even close to finished. Here's proof:

Now before you go screaming at your computer "what did she do??" "what is wrong with her?", I have a good explanation.  While I loved the dark gray walls, they just weren't working in this room.  Everything was always so dark...and well...umm...gray.  As you can see in the photo above, the adjoining living room is incredibly dark when there's no sun (I took this photo this morning).  That paired with the fact that there is a charcoal gray couch in that room and that we just put charcoal gray floors in the kitchen, it was too much.

Another thing is that I am totally over the yellow and gray color scheme I started with.  I guess that's what happens when you take a year plus to decorate a room.  You get sick of things.  

I decided that instead of going with something "trendy" I want to go with something that I know I'll love for a while.  It's taken me a bit of time to discover my style, but I think I've finally gotten it figured out.  I like soft neutral backdrops with pops of color, rustic touches, and a "modern traditional" style.

I adore the colors and "feel" of this dining room, though it leans a bit more traditional than I prefer.


And this room had me at hello:

The walls are painted Benjamin Moore Healing Aloe.  I love the light blue green color.  I think it's happy without being overpowering.  I decided to prime my walls again and give the color a try.

Benjamin Moore Healing Aloe on my dining room wall

Now I realize the colors look totally different from each other.  It's a cloudy day here at home so I had to turn the overhead light on to take a picture so the color is definitely not registering true.  

But,  I think I like it.  For now. :)  After I paint the walls, I plan to buy a large jute rug like this one from Pottery Barn:

{Source: Pottery Barn}
I want to use my large Ikea hemnes dresser as a buffet.

And buy this mirror from PB to hang above it:

{Source: Pottery Barn}
I plan to use this cabinet I bought from Target as a bar cart:

And add shelves from PB above it:

{Source: Pottery Barn}

I want to sew new curtains for the windows and I'm in search for the perfect fabric.  I'm thinking something with blue, green, and yellow would look nice.  I'll also need to find a pair of lamps for the buffet and add some accessories.

That's my plan for now.  I'm not starting on any new rooms until I finish this one!  Promise.  Has anyone else repainted a room multiple times?  Tell me I'm not alone.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Kitchen Chalkboard (An Easy Update)

Back in April I shared with you my "kitchen command center" which I made by adding adhesive chalkboard vinyl to the pantry doors (read the post here).

It's been working great and although I'll admit I don't update the "Menu" or "Schedule" nearly enough, I've definitely used it to jot down to-do lists and stuff I need at the store. 

I wanted to give it a more polished look so I made a couple of quick and easy updates.  Using my Silhouette Cameo, I cut out letters on white adhesive vinyl and added some fun washi tape.  Voila! 

If any of you are wondering if it's worth investing in a Silhouette Cameo, I totally recommend it.  It's a pricy purchase but the projects seem to be endless.  No, they didn't pay me to say that.  I just really like playing with it. :)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Taking a Bloggy Break

Hello.  I wanted to let you know that I'm taking a little blogging break this week.  I'll be back next week with Mood Board Monday, a House Tour post, and some home updates. In the meantime,  if you're looking for some home inspiration, check out Blogger Homes.

Blogger Homes

It's a great blog where bloggers share their home tours.  My half bath/laundry room makeover is being featured on the site today! See you next week!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

House Tour - Week 6 - Guest Bedroom Reveal

A couple of months ago, I shared my progress on the guest bedroom makeover. Today, I'm happy to say that I'm finally finished!  Okay, it's probably not totally finished but I'm officially moving on to other projects.  Feels good to say that!

Here's a reminder of the room a few months after we moved in:

And here it is today:

You may notice a few changes since the last update.  I finished painting the originally black dressers and nightstands white.  I moved the larger dresser out of the room (I think it's going to end up in my dining room which I'm pretty pumped about).  I added the bench to the end of the bed and brought a slipper chair up from the living room, switched the lamps and art and added a few new accessories.  

I wasn't crazy about the Starburst Mirror I had above the bed so I replaced it with these 3 white frames from Pier 1 that I had kicking around.  I cut out pictures from a calendar I had to use in the center of each frame.  I ended up swapping out the lamps entirely instead of spray painting the old ones.  I had actually purchased these glass ball lamps from HomeGoods for our living room, but thought they did the trick in here.  Plus, I'm entirely confused about the direction I'm heading in our living room so it wasn't too hard to take them from that space.

On the nightstand I added a photo of me, my sister, my mom and my grandma (love that picture), and a beach inspired ball which turns out to be one of Baxter's favorite things to nudge.  

The Starburst mirror found a new home above the painted Ikea dresser and I picked up a few new accessories.

I found this beautiful horse painting at Ballard Designs. 

It's 36x48 so fills the wall opposite the bed quite nicely (although in this photo I don't think it looks nearly as big).  We live less than a mile from a horse farm, so it's a nice reminder to our guests that "you're in the country."

These are the curtains I made using linen/cotton fabric from Loom Decor.  It was my first sewing project and I'm really happy with how they came out.

This is the slipper chair from Ballard Designs.  I bought a pair of them for our living room, but I'm having so much trouble pulling that room together that I figured I'd part with one to put in this bedroom.  I found the large basket at HomeGoods.  The throw is from Ikea and the pillow is from Etsy.

Here's a shot of the other side of the room.  I replaced the handles on the closet door for just a few dollars (they were 80s brass before). The rug is sooo cozy and soft and I got it at West Elm.

So, we're ready for guests. I'm tempted to move in if someone doesn't stay soon because our master bedroom is currently a disaster zone!

You can catch up on my other "House Tour" posts here.  Enjoy the weekend!

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Our Home's Real Estate Listing Photos

A lot of the "before" photos of our home that I've shared with you on the blog are not true befores. I didn't start blogging until 6 months after we moved in so I wasn't in the habit of capturing those "oh-so-important-to-blogging-befores." I've felt like you don't understand the full effect of what I was working with when we moved in and therefore don't truly appreciate the amazing transformations I've done thus far (totally kidding!!!).  But I thought it'd be fun to show you our listing photos.

I thought that these photos were gone for good until I discovered Redfin the other day.  I created an account and POOF there were the photos from the listing!

You're in for a real treat. When we were house hunting,  Jake found this house and showed me the photos. Pretty sure I vomited in my mouth.  But, he convinced me to go look at it because it had many desirable traits if I could look past the decor (property, central air, dog fence, 2 car garage, sunroom, hardwood floors, etc.)  Of course, today I'm glad he dragged me to see it because 1) we ended up buying it (duh) and 2) its untapped potential is finally starting to reveal itself. :)

...But back to what it looked like when we did our walk through (all photos from Redfin):

1.The "formal" living room.  We had to take down those drapes when we moved in.  Quite a few spiders living behind there.  Ick!

2. Living room and dining room.  More drapes....

3.  The den.  Can you now see why I've been so excited about our den remodel?! Oh yea, they left those drapes for us too.  We put them out on the curb and I saw my neighbor snatch them up.  Maybe she made them?  Gawd, I hope my neighbors don't read this blog.

4.  The country kitchen. This kitchen was actually way more updated than a lot of the other houses we saw, so I'd say it was actually sort of a selling point even though it was not my style at all.  As you know, we underwent a remodel to remedy this (sneak peak pics here), and I owe you a kitchen update soon!

5. The foyer.  I loved the wainscoting, but the carpet had to go!

6.  The master bedroom.

7. The guest bathroom.  Why can't this kind of brass be back? 

8. Guest Bedroom.  The previous homeowner took these drapes...

9. Guest Bedroom 2.  This is the room I've been working on and hope to reveal to you Friday!

10. The Office.  Seeing this photo is like night and day compared to my home office makeover.  

11. The Sunroom.  I actually do like those pillows. :)

12. The Front.  I love the quintessential colonial look but HATE those dang bushes.  We're hoping to haul them out this fall.

12.  The Backyard.  The privacy was a definite selling point.  

What did your listing photos look like?  Better? Worse?

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