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House Tour - Week 7 - The Evolution of a Dining Room

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Today I'm talking about the evolution of our dining room and it's basically the longest post ever.  Buckle up.

If you've been following this blog for a while, you know that our dining room has gone through many changes.  It started with stripping purple wallpaper, sanding, and priming and painting the walls Benjamin Moore Light Pewter.

Real Estate Listing Photo - It's hard to tell but the walls are covered in light purple wallpaper.

After removing wallpaper, painting, and moving our furniture in.
In January 2012, we hung royal blue velvet curtains from West Elm.

Later that month, I bought a buffet from Ikea and painted it BRIGHT YELLOW.  Major fail.

In February 2012, I upholstered our dining chairs

and repainted the buffet.

In April 2012, we had our hardwood floors refinished and installed a new light fixture.

Making progress, right?  Wrong.  Just a month later I decided that I hated everything and wanted to start over. So what's a girl to do? Paint!  I opted for a dark moody gray called Benjamin Moore Stone and I really really loved it.  Out with the blue velvet curtains and in with new white linen ones and the buffet got the boot.

The following month, I bought a new rug and added a new cabinet.

Fast forward to October 2012, and I got around to buying a new dining table and chairs and adding a large sunburst mirror.

Now here comes the part where I'm supposed to show you a beautifully decorated and finished dining room....

...but I can't.  

I'm not even close to finished. Here's proof:

Now before you go screaming at your computer "what did she do??" "what is wrong with her?", I have a good explanation.  While I loved the dark gray walls, they just weren't working in this room.  Everything was always so dark...and well...umm...gray.  As you can see in the photo above, the adjoining living room is incredibly dark when there's no sun (I took this photo this morning).  That paired with the fact that there is a charcoal gray couch in that room and that we just put charcoal gray floors in the kitchen, it was too much.

Another thing is that I am totally over the yellow and gray color scheme I started with.  I guess that's what happens when you take a year plus to decorate a room.  You get sick of things.  

I decided that instead of going with something "trendy" I want to go with something that I know I'll love for a while.  It's taken me a bit of time to discover my style, but I think I've finally gotten it figured out.  I like soft neutral backdrops with pops of color, rustic touches, and a "modern traditional" style.

I adore the colors and "feel" of this dining room, though it leans a bit more traditional than I prefer.


And this room had me at hello:

The walls are painted Benjamin Moore Healing Aloe.  I love the light blue green color.  I think it's happy without being overpowering.  I decided to prime my walls again and give the color a try.

Benjamin Moore Healing Aloe on my dining room wall

Now I realize the colors look totally different from each other.  It's a cloudy day here at home so I had to turn the overhead light on to take a picture so the color is definitely not registering true.  

But,  I think I like it.  For now. :)  After I paint the walls, I plan to buy a large jute rug like this one from Pottery Barn:

{Source: Pottery Barn}
I want to use my large Ikea hemnes dresser as a buffet.

And buy this mirror from PB to hang above it:

{Source: Pottery Barn}
I plan to use this cabinet I bought from Target as a bar cart:

And add shelves from PB above it:

{Source: Pottery Barn}

I want to sew new curtains for the windows and I'm in search for the perfect fabric.  I'm thinking something with blue, green, and yellow would look nice.  I'll also need to find a pair of lamps for the buffet and add some accessories.

That's my plan for now.  I'm not starting on any new rooms until I finish this one!  Promise.  Has anyone else repainted a room multiple times?  Tell me I'm not alone.

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  1. Suddenly, I feel better about myself. Here I thought I was the only one out there who was never happy with spaces in my home and was constantly repainting and redecorating. I'm sure it will all come together beautifully for you soon. :)

    1. No you are definitely not alone! I think it's easy to want to tweak and change your own home since you're looking at it every day. I'm hoping to get to a point where I can finish each room and just be done for a bit and enjoy everything!

  2. What do you do with all the stuff you don't use? Craigslist it or keep it for another room? You obviously have an unlimited budget to be able to do what you do. Pottery Barn items aren't exactly cheap. I like to change things also but I repurpose when I can. I'm not judging you, I just wonder if you are ever satisfied with a project? I like to tweak things too, but I have a sense of contentment and satisfaction with what I've done at the end of the day. You have good taste and a good sense of style. I hope you find peace with your projects and are able to "let go" of having perfect results in everything you do. There are always going to be newer and better decorating trends out there. So identifying your style and going with it is a step in the right direction. Good luck!!

    1. Hi there. Thanks for your comment. This is our first home so coming in we had a lot of space to fill and new furniture to buy. Our old furniture we'd had for years and it had moved with us from apartment to apartment. If there's something from Pottery Barn (or a similar store) that I I really like (and think it will last us for a while), I'll buy it if we can afford it. Likewise, I love shopping HomeGoods, Ikea, Target etc. for good deals. So far, I've been able to reuse almost everything I've purchased in one room or another or repurpose it. For example, the buffet I painted yellow than blue is now navy blue and I use it in my office for storage ( I haven't Craigslisted anything yet because I'm waiting to see where else in my home I might be able to use it, but inevitably there will be a few things that probably end up on Craigslist or in a yard sale. To answer your question about whether or not I'm ever satisfied with a project, I'd say I'm getting there. I think that being a new decorator, I'm constantly evaluating my work and tweaking it until it feels right. It's hard not to compare your work to what others do, but I am getting to a place where I know what I like and am happy when I've achieved that. My goal is to not let my house be a never ending project that I"m constantly trying to improve, but rather it be a place that reflects my family's taste , lifestyle, and that feels like home. Kudos to you for already being there!

  3. You are so funny. I really want that Target cabinet in white, but if memory serves me correct it came in black, yellow and red. I guess I could paint it. I think it's perfect for a dining room!
    Can't wait to see how it all turns out. Oh, and I love that traditional dining room.

    1. I think you're right about the cabinet. I'm pretty sure it comes in a teal color too. Why not white?!

  4. Can you please tell me the name of the buffet from ikea? I've been looking for something lime that, but cannot find one. Thanks!

    1. Hi there! It's the Stornas buffet:

  5. FYI, Katie over at bowerpower just did a DIY version of that mirror:


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