Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Our Home's Real Estate Listing Photos

A lot of the "before" photos of our home that I've shared with you on the blog are not true befores. I didn't start blogging until 6 months after we moved in so I wasn't in the habit of capturing those "oh-so-important-to-blogging-befores." I've felt like you don't understand the full effect of what I was working with when we moved in and therefore don't truly appreciate the amazing transformations I've done thus far (totally kidding!!!).  But I thought it'd be fun to show you our listing photos.

I thought that these photos were gone for good until I discovered Redfin the other day.  I created an account and POOF there were the photos from the listing!

You're in for a real treat. When we were house hunting,  Jake found this house and showed me the photos. Pretty sure I vomited in my mouth.  But, he convinced me to go look at it because it had many desirable traits if I could look past the decor (property, central air, dog fence, 2 car garage, sunroom, hardwood floors, etc.)  Of course, today I'm glad he dragged me to see it because 1) we ended up buying it (duh) and 2) its untapped potential is finally starting to reveal itself. :)

...But back to what it looked like when we did our walk through (all photos from Redfin):

1.The "formal" living room.  We had to take down those drapes when we moved in.  Quite a few spiders living behind there.  Ick!

2. Living room and dining room.  More drapes....

3.  The den.  Can you now see why I've been so excited about our den remodel?! Oh yea, they left those drapes for us too.  We put them out on the curb and I saw my neighbor snatch them up.  Maybe she made them?  Gawd, I hope my neighbors don't read this blog.

4.  The country kitchen. This kitchen was actually way more updated than a lot of the other houses we saw, so I'd say it was actually sort of a selling point even though it was not my style at all.  As you know, we underwent a remodel to remedy this (sneak peak pics here), and I owe you a kitchen update soon!

5. The foyer.  I loved the wainscoting, but the carpet had to go!

6.  The master bedroom.

7. The guest bathroom.  Why can't this kind of brass be back? 

8. Guest Bedroom.  The previous homeowner took these drapes...

9. Guest Bedroom 2.  This is the room I've been working on and hope to reveal to you Friday!

10. The Office.  Seeing this photo is like night and day compared to my home office makeover.  

11. The Sunroom.  I actually do like those pillows. :)

12. The Front.  I love the quintessential colonial look but HATE those dang bushes.  We're hoping to haul them out this fall.

12.  The Backyard.  The privacy was a definite selling point.  

What did your listing photos look like?  Better? Worse?


  1. I can't believe that was your house!

    1. I know! I had almost forgotten what it looked like. Made me realize that we actually have done some things around here. :)

  2. Must admit I've never seen landscaping quite like that! "Interesting" to say the least!!

    1. Yes, VERY interesting. I almost didn't want to buy the house because of the bushes.

  3. It definitely has great bones. Kudos to Jake for seeing past the dated wall paper and drapes. I'm always thinking about selling our current house and finding a dated fixer upper. After seeing these pictures, I think that you have done an AMAZING job with updating your house!

    1. Thanks, Sharon. I do have to hand it to Jake to picking this one out.

  4. What a transformation for y'all so far! Pulling those bushes is a huge PITA, so good luck with that! They seem to be in front of every house in New England! I did a happy dance when we pulled them at our last house - and was even more thrilled that our current home didn't have them to begin with!

    1. Did you pull those bushes yourself? We're getting a quote for the work. I didn't think we'd be able to do it. :/

  5. Wow! First, I can't believe you found these pictures! Second, those are some crazy befores!


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