Friday, July 26, 2013

House Tour - Week 9: Master Bedroom

Don't forget to enter the $100 HomeGoods gift card giveaway (see post below)!  I'm back today with another "House Tour" post and I'm sharing pics of our master bedroom.

This is another one of those rooms that I've shared on the blog before, but I'm 99% sure most of you missed it since I did the post in my early blogging days.  I also decorated it in my "novice decorator" stage so there are already so many changes I want to make! 

But first, here's where we started shortly after moving in:

The wall color was a greenish beige and the trim was a slightly darker shade.  The hardwoods were original.  We bought a seagrass headboard and stools and two nightstands .  The chair, lamps, and rug we moved from our old apartment.

I rearranged the furniture and bought a new rug, curtains, chair, dressers and lamps.  We had the hardwoods refinished and I painted the walls a sort of aqua/sea foam color and the trim bright white.  To be honest, the wall color ended up being a lot brighter than I was originally planning and it's never sat too well with me. I love the color, but I want something a bit more soothing and neutral for my bedroom.

An improvement?  I think so.  Done?  Not quite.  Here are some ideas I have floating around in my head.

1. Repaint the walls.  I'm thinking either a beige or a lighter aqua or blue/green shade.  The curtains are beige and aqua so I need to stay in that color scheme.

2. Buy a new (smaller) rug.  This rug takes up a good portion of the floor and I find myself wishing I saw more of those beautiful hardwoods peaking out.  The dogs have also done a number on it with their nails and there are loose threads all over it.  It hasn't stopped shedding since the day I bought it and keeping up with the dust balls is an unachievable task!

3. Figure out the TV situation.  If it was up to me, there wouldn't be a TV in the bedroom, but Jake likes to fall asleep to it.  This TV is really small (19 inches maybe?) so my vision not being that great, I literally have to squint to see it.  Jake's solution is a (much) bigger TV.  My solution is to get rid of the TV and hang a large mirror over the dresser and add a couple of lamps.  The winner is still TBD.

4. I want to change the knobs on the dressers.  I'm thinking glass. 

5. I moved the chair below to our living room so my plan is to replace it with the other Ballard Slipper Chair I have in "storage" (aka a random spot in my house).  

6. Bedding.  I love this pintuck duvet, but since we got Striper  (the cutest black lab mix who sheds a hair a second) it's not working.  Her hair gets stuck in all the little tucks and I find myself using a lint roller to try and get it off!  If I go lighter with the walls, I may opt to do something fun and bright with the bedding.  We'll see.

7.  Add shades.  Woven, wood, fabric?  Haven't decided yet.

8.  Hang a curtain from our closet entrance.  I removed the door, but haven't replaced it with anything yet.

9.  Add a floor length mirror somewhere.  

10.  Personalize some more with photos, mementos, etc.  

So that's the plan stan.  I plan to make these changes in this lifetime  - just not quite sure when yet.  

Have a great weekend, and if you missed my other "House Tour" posts, catch up here!


  1. You sound like me with the TV thing. I have banned a TV from the bedroom, so more frequently than not Kevin falls asleep on the sofa! oops. I may have to bite the bullet and just get a small one like that!
    And I am so glad you mentioned the pet hair in the tucks of the duvet. I never would have thought of that. Our dog is mostly white, so it wouldn't be noticeable, but still not cool! I have been thinking about DIY-ing a pintuck duvet, so now I will have to give it more thought!

    1. haha jake would do that too if we didn't have the tv in the bedroom! and yea, i never considered the pet hair with the duvet. Im glad i just bought the target one and not the anthro or west elm one!


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