Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Kitchen Gallery Wall

Almost (4!) months ago, I shared with you some progress I was making on the kitchen remodel including a new table in our "breakfast nook." A month later, I bought an Orb Chandelier  from Ballard Designs and was making some progress on the space:

This week I finally got around to hanging something on that big blank wall.  

Don't look too closely at the pictures.  I haven't replaced the smiling happy people in the packaging with our own personal photos yet.

The frames are the Room Essentials 11x14 frames matted to 5x7 in white from Target.  I'm pretty sure they're only sold in-store.  I plan to print out some of our favorite family photos in black and white to add to the frames.  

Just a quick little project, but one step closer to finishing the kitchen!


  1. Yay! My silly mother-in-law has frames up in her house with the original people...for a Long time! Perhaps they are better looking than her real family, lol ;)

    1. Hahaha. I need to get on replacing the pics. It's already been a week!

  2. This is going to sound a little silly, cause it doesn't have anything to do with your beautiful gallery wall...but, I live with a lovely large dog "child" and love your dog food container. where did you get it, or did you DIY a medium metal trashcan?! I just found your blog and am getting all caught up, but I love what you've done!

    1. Hi Sara! Not silly at all! I actually got the dog food container at HomeGoods. They usually have quite a few. If you don't have a HomeGoods nearby, IKEA sells the KNODD bin that I think would work great and you could totally personalize it:


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