Monday, September 09, 2013

E-Design: RS's Blue and Gray Nursery

RS is expecting her first child and contacted me asking for help with ideas for the nursery. She wanted to incorporate white furniture, an IKEA Hemnes dresser, a book wall, an Expedit shelf, and a letter pillow.  She sent me some great inspiration photos and I got to work on a Custom Mood Board.

The first mood board I created had a bit of a "nautical theme" and not knowing if she loved or hated nautical, I took a little risk.

After I deliver the mood board to the client, I give them some time to review the design and request changes.  While RS liked many aspects of the design, she wanted a more modern crib, a different rug and curtain suggestion, and she wasn't a fan of the state art.  I'm so happy she was honest with me about what she liked and disliked.  The last thing I want is someone to walk away with a design they don't love or doesn't feel like them.  

Here's the second mood board I created for RS:

I actually prefer this mood board over the first!  RS really wanted to use this crib and I love it. We switched out the navy rug with white border for a fun mult-colored chevron rug.  I opted for simple navy curtains and kept the palette just shades of blue and gray.  I love the elephant art and the best part is the colors can be customized to closely match the shades of blue and gray in the rug. 

RS has great taste and I know she'll put together an awesome room for her baby boy.  I'm really hoping she shares some pictures when she's finished!

If you're interested in a Custom Mood Board, visit my website, JLP Interiors for more information.


  1. That's very cute Jess! We have a book wall also, and our little guy loves to just look at all the pictures on the covers of his books. =)

    1. Thanks, Kelly! So cute about the book wall! I love how your nursery came out. :)


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