Monday, October 28, 2013

E-Design: NDJ's Master Bedroom

This is the last of four designs I did for my friend's new house.

She owns the green and white bedding, the nightstand, and the chest and wanted me to incorporate these items in a "tropical/bungalow" design for the master.  It was important to her that the walls be neutral enough that they work with other bedding/colors should she decide to change things up in the future.  

I found a great color by Benjamin Moore called "Tapestry Beige" that is a good greige with a tint of green.

I also selected a tufted headboard in a soft linen fabric, a matching storage bench for the end of the bed, a natural woven rug, a chair to curl up and read a book, a floor mirror, lamps and art for above the bed. She wants to go with something other than the round mirror I selected, so I'm excited to see what she picks.

Here's the floor plan:

The bedroom has high vaulted ceilings and there is a tv mounted high on the wall opposite the bed, so furniture arrangement options were pretty small, but I think this layout works well.  

Here's a rough sketch of the items all together:

My friend has moved into her now home so I'll get to see these designs come to life real soon!  If she'll let me, I'll share some photos.

Have a great day!


  1. Pretty. I like the pop of green you added for the bedding.

  2. Of course you can take pictures of your creation!!! Come visit again soon :)

  3. OMG, where did she get her bedding?? I LOVE it!! Can you ask her where she bought it for me?

    1. Hi! I'm pretty sure it's Tommy Bahama from Bed Bath & Beyond.


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